What Is NODEXO? NODEXO is an investment platform based on artificial intelligence, which automatically makes deals on the cryptocurrency market.
Who can become an NODEXO investor? Investors of our platform can become a resident of any country who has reached the age of majority.
Should investors have any knowledge about cryptocurrencies or trading strategies? NODEXO is fully automated, so investors may not have any knowledge about cryptocurrency or trading strategies, this does not affect their income.
What investments do you offer? To see an in-depth review of the plans on offer, register an account and go to the deposit page.
What exchanges occur trading buy/sell cryptocurrency? We trade on the largest and most popular stock exchanges, such as: Binance, Bitfinex, OKEX, HitBTC etc.
How quickly deposit funds credited to the account? Deposit funds are credited to your account balance instantly. (Note: to deposit in a cryptocurrency, you usually need a certain number of confirmations in the system.)
How many active deposits can an investor have? Each investor can have as many active deposits as he wishes.
What is the minimum and maximum deposit/withdrawal amount? The minimum deposit amount is $1, the maximum $50000. There are no minimum and maximum withdrawal amount.
Can an investor make a deposit from one payment system and withdraw funds to another? No. Withdrawal of daily income is possible only on the payment system with which the deposit was made.
How many accounts can one investor have? Only one. If more are detected, the funds can be frozen.
How fast is a withdrawal request processed? Every withdrawal request is processed instantly by our system. (Note: to withdraw in a cryptocurrency, you usually need a certain number of confirmations in the system.)
Does NODEXO have any fees for deposits or withdrawals? Our platform has no any fees.
Where can I find information about the balance of my account or recent transactions? Information about the account balance, you can see on the main page of your account. You can see your latest transactions here. (You need to login).
What should I do if I forgot my password? You can reset your password here.
How can I change my account information? You can change your account details here. (Note: for security reasons, you cannot change your billing information and email. To change this information you need to contact support.)
Does your platform have an affiliate program? We have a 3-level affiliate program: 7%-0.5%-0.5% from the referral deposit.
Do I need to have a personal deposit to receive Partner Program rewards? To participate in the affiliate program the presence of a personal deposit is not required.
Where can I see information about my referrals and promotional materials? You can find information about your referrals here. And promotional materials are here. (You need to login).
How can I change my upline? To change the upline, please contact our support team.
What if I still have questions? If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact our support team.